The InCider Club

What's it all about?

Receive a shipment to your doorstep every 3 months of 3 ciders! (12 ciders/12 month period)

Which will include: Limited release small batch ciders for club members only, pre-release ciders (Be the first to sip!), seasonal ciders, staff favourites.

What else, I want more!

Discounts! 10% off in-store merchandise & non-alcoholic products, exclusive offers via email, surprise bonus items in each shipment, custom recipe pairings - junk food & movie pairings, tasting notes, and more!

I want to be part of the InCider Club! How do I sign up?!

Click here to purchase your membership, or give us a call at 905-935-3535 during business hours Mon-Fri to sign up! Our next shipment is in January.

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